Monday, 11 May 2009

Unai - I Like Your Style (Original Mix)

Going back a few years with this release from Swedish producer, Unai. Lovely piece of deep, dubby disco with a faint echoed vocal flowing through. Had a re-issue in 2005 with some remixes added from John Dahlback and Martinez, but here is the original mix which is still the best version in my opinion...

Unai - I Like Your Style (Disco Inc.)


  1. Good tune that, I used to play the Soultek mix a lot...

  2. Yeah...i've got the vinyl from its first issue with just the original version and another track on. From 2003 on Forced....

  3. I thought that the 2005 mix was it's first time around, how wrong I was! Hmm, not as upfront as I thought *LOL*