Monday, 30 March 2009

Q-Tip - Breathe and Stop (The Revenge Edit)

Cracking edit of Breathe and Stop with The Revenge on fiddling duty again here. Just another example of him putting his magic stamp on a growing list of edits and reworks...

Q-Tip - Breathe and Stop (The Revenge Edit)

Gwen McRae - Still Burnin (Edit)

Added by special request for Ross Fellows (WARD 10). A funky chopped up edit of the Gwen Mcrae classic...enjoy!!!

Gwen McRae - Still Burnin' (Edit)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Floating Points - Love Me Like This

Sweet remix of Real to Reel's "Love Me Like This", which was originally released in 1983. Chunky as fuck beat it is too...Check out the original version below as performed on the US show Soul Train.

Floating Points - Love Me Like This

Real To Reel - Love Me Like This 1983

Change - Mutual Attraction

From the album "Turn On Your Radio" from 1985. A laid back soul groove with a wicked little bass running through it. Gonna include some more from these at some point...

Change - Mutual Attraction 1985

Windjammer - Tossing and Turning

Another soul funk groove, released in 1984 from Windjammer. Remember hearing this on the radio when I was a young 'un and loved it. Took me years to find out who it was until I started listening to Solar Radio some years back. Enjoy...

Windjammer - Tossing and Turning 1984

SOS Band - High Hopes

An underrated soul funk gem rom 1982. Lovely sound on this one, produced by Jam and Lewis.

SOS Band - High Hopes 1982

Friday, 27 March 2009

James Brown - Dead On It (U-Tern Disco Edit)

A funked ass James Brown edit from U-Tern, who has been turning out some impeccable reworks, including a nifty Michael Jackson track we've posted earlier in the blog. Don't know why we aint posted this earlier, but here it is's too funky...Check out his other releases on the link below

James Brown - Dead On It (U-Tern Disco Edit)

Prince - LotusFlow3r

Listen to Prince's new album, LotusFlow3r, here. As yet to be released in the UK, it is actually 3 albums. 2 from Prince, and one from his new protege Bria Valentie. For any fan out there MPLSound is a real return to form for the artist known as Prince.

Prince - LotusFlow3r 3Cd

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ciudad Feliz - In This Way

Released in 2003 on Silver Network, one of the best underground house labels around. Ciudad Feliz are a trio of producers from Argentina and had a cracking track out called "All Your Feelings", which I may upload at a later date. In the meantime enjoy this un'...

Frank Booker - Universal Drive

A churning cosmic disco funker released recently on Untracked Recordings, who have turned out tracks from Rui Maia, Atlantic Conveyor and Hot Coins. This is from the Brothers E.P. and its a beltin groove!!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Atlantic Conveyor - OYS

Another upload from the Atlantic Conveyor. "We Are" is still up to download on the previous pages. In the meantime enjoy some electronic based soul...

Atlantic Conveyor - OYS

Electronic Boogie Band - Bumpy Love

Another mid-tempo funker, released on So Sound Recordings in 2005. Get yer shakers on to this and feel the deep groove. Served to you in chunks...

p.s. Thats my neighbours dog in the photo..he loves this track.

Electronic Boogie Band - Bumpy Love

Joshua Heath - Agent Blue

Nice electronic funker from Joshua Heath on Salted Music. Got a nice bluesy vocal hook and some synthy stabs...wahey!!!

Joshua Heath - Agent Blue

6th Borough Project - Instruments Of Rapture

Not sure if this is from this actual release, but it's a nice rework of the Ashford and Simpson classic. A groovy little mid tempo number thats ideal for early doors playing or just swingin in yer headfones...

6th Borough Project - Hang On

Terrence Parker - Love's Got Me High

"This Is Some Good Shit!"...Released under the Seven Grand Housing Authority, I never came across this until 2000 on a CD called "Passion...This Is Garage" which had some belter tracks on it, but this was originally released around 1996. If you aint got this, download is below...

Seven Grand Housing Authority - Love's Got Me High

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Whispers - Keep On Loving Me

Released in 1983, from the album "Love For love", this is a great mid-tempo soul funker from The Whispers. We implore you to watch the promo video below before you click the download link beneath it. It's awesome, with some nifty groovin footwork from the band while they follow the steadicam around a dusk LA setting...Sweet.

The Whispers - Keep On Loving Me(Solar)1983

The Revenge - Unfinished Edits (Are Out Of My Hands)

Another pitched down house re edit from The Revenge. We're not quite sure what the edit is on this, although I recognise the vocal loop. This was released sometime in the summer last year. Nice early doors tune for us...

The Revenge - Unfinished Edits (Are Out Of My Hands)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Loose Ends - Love's Got Me (Morales Mix)

An old favourite of mine which I still have on vinyl from when I was a nipper. I've uploaded the David Morales mix as it's my favourite from the 12". Loose Ends are more notable for having a hit with "Hanging On A String".

Loose Ends - Love's Got Me (David Morales Mix)

Ozone - Strut My Thang (1983)

...I'm searching high and low for this at the minute...Nothing much about it anywhere I've looked, but YouTube...Have a browse!!!

Recloose "Live"

A sweet little DJ set at a record store in Tokyo I believe, from Matthew Chicone from Recloose. A belting tracklist as well...featuring a couple of numbers you can download on this blog....

Saturday, 7 March 2009


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Friday, 6 March 2009

6th Borough Project - Planets

An uptempo, 11 minute funk workout which has been around since late last year. These, along with releases by The Revenge and the OOFT dj's, have been impeccable re edits. It sounds like a rework of a live Marvin Gaye track, but pretty sure it's someone else...Check it out!!!

Here's a link to the OOFT blog:

6th Borough Project - Planets

Mindflight - Shine On

Produced by Dave Warrin on Esho Records, a lovely deep number released in 2002. Going under the name Mindflight, he also put out "Release", which was featured on Miguel Migs' Nude Tempo mix released on Naked Music.

Mindflight - Shine On

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lisa Shaw - Free (April 2009)

We're posting 2 exclusive tracks from the second album from sultry deep house vocalist Lisa Shaw. Any DJ or deep house lover worth their salt will be aware of Lisa's tracks and her numerous appearances on some of the best deephouse labels out there, especially the impeccable Naked Music, plus her spectacular live PA's with the excellent Miguel Migs. These tracks are not due for release until April so get your chops round them.
The first is produced by Migs, and the second is a remix from Julius Papp.

Lisa Shaw - Honey

Lisa Shaw - Music In You (Julius Papp Deep Dub)