Saturday, 31 October 2009

TouchSoul Early Decade Mix

Deep Slow Mo House Beats

VINCENZO - Summer Breeze (Dessous)

FOREVER - Get It Right (Wave Music)

WARM - Its In The Music "Gerd Remix" (3345)

RHIANNA - Word Love (Jay' Extended Mix)

METRO AREA - Caught Up (Environ)

YANN FONTAINE - Open Your Eyes "New Phunk Theory Mix" (Low Pressings)

DJ ALI - Ghetto Gospel Man (Village)

DJ T - Philly (Physical)

ONLY FREAK - Viper Vapour (Freerange)

SCHMOOV! - Duckshot (DIY Discs)

LOOSE ENDS - Love's Got Me "Morales Mix" (Ten Records)

TouchSoul Early Decade Vinyl Mix by touchsoul

Thursday, 29 October 2009

ROCKSTEADY & Friends with TouchSoul

Next Sunday 8th November my friend Tubes and I will be heading over to Tokyo in Newcastle for weekend wind down and to spin some deep disco, 80's boogie some soul classics for RockSteady & Friends.

This night hosted by Tommy "Rocksteady" Boyes and DJ Woff has seen them welcome a lot of Newcastle's best record changing talent and has had quite an impressive line up of guests in the past months...

Taking place on the upstairs terrace, ROCKSTEADY has provided the perfect soulful soundtrack for ending the weekend in style...

So this particular weekend I'll be heading over to play some beats while Tommy gets himself away to Southport. Check below for Facebook group and November line up.
Tommy Rocksteady vs. Dj Woff
Rocksteady’s original resident DJs take full control of the music for a one off tune off! to see in November before Tommy does off to Southport expect the finest selection of soul disco and boogie to wind down the weekend.
Adrian & Tubes (Touch Soul)
With his DJ cohort Gary, Adrian runs the awesome ‘Touch Soul’ blog alongside some of the best independent parties in Sunderland. Prepare for some of the best in boogie, nu-disco, chuggers and edits alongside some rare and forgotten disco classics.
Scotty Sea (Live PA) plus very special guest Mathers We at Rocksteady HQ are delighted we have eventually convinced Scott to come down to Tokyo for a one off live performance up on the Tokyo terrace. With one of the best voices we heard in a long time Scott is going to wind down the weekend in style with Mathers on the guitar.
Paul T (Bread and Circus)
You can normally find ‘T-frog’ rocking a wife beater vest and chugging out at the awesome Bread and circus nights or hosting the back room of shindig. The most Balearic man in his native Tynemouth is ready to bust out some incense and some heavy slices of 80’s groove, disco and boogie.
Dob plus special guest Beppy Marriot (Live PA)
Dob is bringing something different to the terrace, true 60’s soul and funk. Playing straight off a massive collection of original 7” vinyl we can’t wait to hear some more rare and forgotten classics from a true lover of soul. Alongside Dob is Beppy, playing her own brand of Acoustic soul, all original material live on the terrace. 8 ‘til midnight every Sunday at Tokyo Westgate road, Search ‘rocksteady and friends’ on facebook for more details.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Roland Clark - Sunshine (Ron Trent Inst. Remix)

A corking slice of deep house from Roland Clark, with Ron Trent on the remix here. This is serious house feeling perfection which is as sexy, deep and hypnotic as Ron Trent's other sterling remixes. This was released beck in 2006 on "need2soul". Link courtesy of 'deep'...

Roland Clark - Sunshine (Ron Trent Inst. Remix)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lars Bartkuhn - Windy City

From a hard to grab album from Lars Bartkuhn released in 2005. Always loved his sound, fusing soul, jazz fusion, house and great melody. Still have some of his work on the Needs label and its worth checking his brilliant "Worlds" under his Passion Dance Orchestra outlet. This is some dreamy, worked up jazz funk house beats...

Lars Bartkuhn - Windy City

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Metro Area - Live Studio Promo

Had this video saved to my MySpace ages ago and thought I'd include it up here. Darshan and Morgan blend through most tracks from their brilliant self titled LP in a static video show giving us some real electronic boogie disco flavour...

Metro Area - Live @ Somewhere from Roman Filippov on Vimeo.

Craig Smith - Cyberjamz Mix

Another piece of quality listening from Craig Smith with this mix featured on the Cyberjamz Radio. Featuring some quality cuts from Ron Basejam, Lovebirds, The Revenge and Floating Points plus some unreleased nuggets from Craig himself. Its a big file so find some room for a superb mix..

1. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Make Me Stronger (Floating Points Remix)
2. Milt Jackson - Enchanted Lady
3. Sun Ra Quartet - Where There Is No Sun
4. Ron Basejam - Into My Life
5. Daniel Paul – Far
6. Craig Bratley – Birdshell
7. Mario Bassanov - Do You Remember? (6th Borough Project Remix)
8. 6th Borough Project – So Glad
9 BT Express - Keep It Up (BB Edit/Revenge rework)
10 Joey Negro - Beyond The Dance (The Revenge Rework)
11. Lovebirds – Steelhorn
12. Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Re Edit)
13. Tornado Wallace - Be My Ladyboy
14. 6th Borough Project - What's Up Doc? (Demo Mix)
15. Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (6th Borough Project Rinse / Demo Mix)
16. Midnight Express Band - Danger Zone (Souled Edit)
17. Chris Duckenfield - Repeat Prescription
18. Fabrice Lig & Titonton Duvante - That Connection (Beanfield Remix)
19. Gene Hunt - Play That Song (Craig Alexander Remix)
20. Daniel Wang - Get Up, Get Up
21. KRL - I Wanna Be With You
22. Neil Larsen - Demonette

Craig Smith - Cyberjamz Mix

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Shakatak - Night Birds (Knee Deep Mix)

Remix of the classic jazz funk number from Shakatak released in 1982. Housed up a notch by Knee Deep...

Craig Smith - SleazyBeats Mix

Craig Smith (6th Borough Project/Soul Renegades) latest mix posted over at SleazyBeats encompasses some great deep/disco groovers and features some superb unreleased nuggets which, if you aint heard it already, deserves a good listening to...
1. My Woman (Wolf Mix) - Eddie C
2. Do Your Remember? (6th Borough Project Mix) - Mario Basanov
3. We Got Magic - Ron Basejam
4. Talkin 'Bout Hard Times (Demo Mix) - 6th Borough Project
5. Untitled (The Revenge Mix) - Ryo Murakami
6. Let Yourself Go (Original Mix) - Craig Smith & The Revenge
7. That's The Thing - Tornado Wallace
8. DC Riot -
9. Night People (6th Borough Project Love Rub) - Ilija Rudman
10 Loogaboo - Seiji
11. I Need Love - Hot Toddy feat Ron Basejam
12. McLovin' - 6th Borough Project
13. Bird shell - Craig Bratley
14. You - Mark E

Craig Smith - Sleazy Beats mix (October 2009) by SleazyBeats

P P U - Unreleased Boogie Funk 012

Some demotastic, raw funk boogie instrumental here from Peoples Potential Unlimited. The guys at this great label obtained these unreleased demo tracks from the early 80's from the Midnight Express Band and Robbie M, who had a classic boogie banger with "Danger Zone". Although they've done there upmost at restoring them, as they are from old cassettes so tape hiss is expected, but it don't diminish the funk quality...Check out a sample below and the rest of Tri-Fire Vol.1 at the links below...

Friday, 16 October 2009

Jean Carne - Was That All It Was (Disco Crystal Edit)

Out of this world rework of the Jean carne track. Really has to be heard to be appreciated. This is a Disco Crystal edit courtesy of UniDisco and it really is the shit!!! Can't stop playing this back...

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sade - Deep House Remixes

Two impeccable deep house versions of a couple of my favourite Sade tracks. Don't know a lot on these remixes other than they are done by an Italian producer known as DJ SaF. Easily got to be the best I've heard so far, as Sade tunes have been done over quite a lot. They're both fairly new as I'm informed and it would be advisable to get a taste of these...

Sade-Love Is Stronger Than Pride (SaF Remix).mp3

Sade - I Never Thought I'd See The Day (SaF Remix).mp3

Felix Dickinson Interview at Cosmic Disco

Sharing some interesting thoughts on music blogs and the industry.......

...Great places for sharing information, meeting like-minded people who you wouldn’t get a chance to interact with otherwise, and for finding out about stuff thats going on the other side of the country or even the other side of the world. Blogs are best when they inspire you to go and hear a D.J. at a party. If the blog is the party, that’s quite sad.

The music industry has always claimed to be under threat from people sharing their music; remember the ‘home taping is killing music’ logo that record sleeves used to have on them?. I used to tape loads of records before I could afford them, and if anything home taping fertilized my love for music. I think these days real music lovers might hear something for the first time by downloading an MP3 but the sound quality of vinyl (and C.D. to a lesser degree) is so much better than MP3, that people do still go out and and buy other formats.

I think the real thing that is effecting the music industry is that people aren’t making as good music as they used to; or to put it another way, there is so much good music already made, that buying older classics second hand can often be easier and better than trawling through loads of average new stuff. Proof of this can be seen in the current glut of edits/bootlegs, the majority of which I’m sure outsell new music.

I’d like to see the record industry re-invigorated by a new music format that sounded better than records (or at least as good). When C.D.’s where introduced I think there was a bit of a boom as lots of people re-bought there collections in the new format. It’s been proved that C.D.’s aren’t as good as they were hyped to be in both sound quality and durability, and the ease with which they can be copied has obviously had it’s own effect on sales. For ages there’s been talk of new format’s that sound better than C.D.’s but the industry can’t seem to decide which one to back. If they created something better than C.D. that could actually compete with records, people might re-buy their collections in the new format (or at least buy it new, rather than track down second hand records). This new revenue could then be filtered down to new acts who might never sell as many records as the classics, but there will always be an interest in new acts because people still like going to see live shows.

Not sure whether this would work though as so many people now listen to music on i-pods and other MP3 players, that they can’t really appreciate the sound of a better format. Again this is a very cynical solution, I don’t really want or think records will ever be bettered. The glut of edits and bootlegs should be telling the big record companies something though. Maybe they could just start utilizing their back catalogues more, doing official re-issues that could compete with the bootleggers, and maybe getting some remixes done. I think the revenues from re-issues isn’t going to be huge, but let’s face it a lot of record shops and distributers would probably go bust if they didn’t sell edits and bootlegs, so maybe some of the bigger companies need to look at that and get involved. I would rather buy a good quality re-issue where the artist might make a bit, so if the major record companies had a grasp on what music is actually sought after, they could make a bit of money from the music catalogues they already own.

Check out full interview here...

Felix Dickinson Interview at Cosmic Disco

Lovebirds - October '09 Mix

Another corker set from the main fella that is Lovebirds. Here, Sebastian pulls out some cool boogie beats, midempo grooves and deep housers for a blissful 60 mins to bless your ears. He has posted this to SoundCloud and no tracklist as yet unfortunately...

LOVEBIRDS 2009.10 mix by lovebirds


Tony D - Piano Grand

Had'nt heard this for awhile...good memories is all I can say. Where does the time go. Sweet beats all the way from the now passed, Tony D.

Tony D - Piano Grand

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Chic - Burn Hard

Great funk disco workout from Chic, taken from their 1981 album "Take It Off". Pretty sure this has found it's way into some sets from Hot Toddy/Crazy P and certainly does the dancefloor business...

Super Value - Special Edits 4

From number four in a great series of top class edits, although I think they may have released 6 or 7 by now. This is an Eddie Kendricks edit, which is slightly more uptempo than the releases previous to this...So get lost in some "Smoke"

Soul Mekanik - Go Upstairs (Maurice Fulton Mix)

Released back in 2005, this has crept into a couple of last sets I done. This sterling mix is from main man Maurice Fulton, Sexy beats and rhythms for your ears...'s a Groove Thing...

Somemore edits, extends, tinkers, reworks, muckabouts with a special funk groove disco electric flavour...Still gettin to grips with things so excuse any flaws. "Thru The Night" is a rework of a Barbara Mason track.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Eddie Craig - Funkin' Up

Some killer electronic boogie funk beats here from Eddie Craig. Don't know a lot on this one other than it was released in 2004 with another track called "Funktime" which I've included here too. Killer grooves and 80's smoked beats worth checking out...

Monday, 12 October 2009

Michael Wycoff - Tell Me (Do You Really Love Me?)

A great soul/disco track from 1983 that kind of slipped under the radar for me untill recently. Most people in the know of music of this sort, will be well aware of his track "Looking Up to You" which has been much sampled. This is another winner...

Paul Hardcastle - Fly By Night

A nice piece of instrumental, boogie groove from Paul Hardcastle that has been playing on the CD for me this afternoon. So why not share? This was the b-side of 19 released in 1985 but was hipped to me by Ilija Rudman...
**Link Cut** Re-uploaded Shortly

Friday, 9 October 2009

George Duke - The Good Times (TouchSoul Re-Edit)

Here's a track I've tinkered with for your listening/DJing pleasure. George Duke's electrofunky 'The Good Times' has had the intro extended and I've taken out 2 parts of the vocal breakdown which went a bit off in my opinion, plus fattened the volume up. Around the 2.30 mark the reverb is slightly off but does'nt spoil the whole groove...Any feedback welcomed.

TouchSoul Audio at The Milk Club, Sunderland

TouchSoul extends an invitation to you for an event that will feature some of Sunderland's local music spinners and selectors, showcasing their talent for blending quality dancefloor tracks for your audio pleasure...
DJ's that have played out their favourites at various venues/events/parties across some of the best local establishments in the North East have put their collections together for a special night of top class grooves to be held at the The Milk Club.
Situated above PURE, we will be hosting this night, which will encompass a quality mix of.. House...Soul...Boogie...Funk...Disco...and supple beats/grooves to get give your ears and feet a thoroughly good time.
Delving into their back catalogues will be...
ADRIAN (Expect a soundtrack of disco boogie goodness and 80's tinged beats/ re-edits for the more discerning party people to put your feet firmly on the floor)
KENNY SANGER(Bunker UK owner ,Village Soul promoter and Southport botherer will be raking through his cases for quality soul grooves and classic funk tunes...from a selector who knows good music)
BENJI B-SIDE(Alias DJ Rob Brannigan, who has been blending the best in Soul, Funk and House beats since the early 90's. Expect it to be smashed!!!)
KARL STOBBS (Monty Casino)(The bass backbone to probably Sunderland's finest live funk outfit, Monty Casino lugs down his vinyl for blending pleasure. Expect some bass heavy funk grooves and dancefloor disco)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Gwen Guthrie - Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)

Headphone and dancefloor pleasure. Larry Levan mix. Enough said....Enjoy!!!
Click divShare logo to download.

Village Soul 4th Birthday at Independent

Back in Sunderland for some anniversary soul celebrations is Village Soul, featuring Terry Jones & Bob Jefferies (Southport Weekender) plus resident Colin Johnson and guests...
This time being held at a new venue, Independent, expect Modern Soul movers, classic grooves and good time tunes aplenty. Early doors tbc warm up from myself which starts at 8pm going through till 4am on October 24th. Don't miss it!!!

First Touch - A Touch Of Boogie Mix: Vol 1

"A Touch Of Boogie" is a continious Dj mix series compiled by First Touch. Concurrently with their first Lp release they come up with a fine selection of rare and funky boogie tunes which are definetly a big inspiration for their album. So lean back and get a touch of boogie.

01 - breakwater - say you love me girl
02 - sybil thomas - rescue me
03 - jerry knight - nothing can hold us back
04 - ned doheny - to prove my love
05 - brenda taylor - you can't have your cake and eat it too
06 - pleasure - sending my love
07 - the s.o.s. band - good & plenty
08 - thelma houston - guess it must be love
09 - jerry knight - fire
10 - jeff tyzik - jammin' in manhattan
11 - charade - gimme the funk
12 - xavier - work that sucker to death
13 - jewel - jewel's groove
14 - oliver cheatham - something about you
15 - mantra - do you wanna
16 - armenta - i wanna be with you
17 - zoom - sexy sassy
18 - neddy smith - give it up
19 - midnight star - midas touch
20 - maxx traxx - don't touch it
21 - jerry knight - she's got to be a dancer
22 - joey negro & the sunburst band ft. leroy burgess - survivin'

Listen or download at link below...

First Touch - A Touch Of Boogie Mix: Vol 1

Monday, 5 October 2009

Lisa Shaw - Ultimate High (TouchSoul Pitched Down Edit)

Taken from Miguel Migs' 2002 Nude Tempo mix, this track, as far as I'm aware, has not been issued a release, apart from on the aforementioned CD. Here I've pitched it down slightly and crudely extended the intro. This is a quality, deep, soul groove from producer Dave Warrin which I think deserved an official release...

Popular Peoples Front - My Baby Stays Out All Night (TouchSoul Re-tweak)

Taken from the Popular Peoples Front's wax only released, Love EP. This is a vinyl rip and here I haven't done much than extend the intro slightly and fatten the sound quality up. Some genuine basement boogie here for all the heads out there to enjoy...

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Patrice Rushen - Stepping Stones

Some laid back groove for a Sunday wind down from a seriously great record, 1977's "Shout It Out" album from Patrice Rushen. One of my favourites just to sit and listen right through both sides...Give it a whirl I urge you!!!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Odyssey - Inside Out (TouchSoul Rework)

Here's my first attempt at an edit with Odyssey's Inside Out, which is a favourite...
Have'nt done much other than extend the intro for about 30 seconds (making it slightly more DJ friendly)added some slight tweaks to the vocals and beefed the beat up. Suggestions or feedback is certainly welcome. Download or listen below...

Odyssey - Inside Out (TouchSoul Rework)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ilija Rudman - Night People (Original Mix)

Ilija Rudman - Night People (IOR)

Ilija Rudman - Night People - Original Garage Mix - Instruments Of Rapture by ilijarudman

Here is a mix available for download from Ilija Rudman from earlier this year. One of my favourite mixes of the past year also, encompassing some electric disco, boogie and dub versions of some groove favourites. Check the tracklist and have a listen...

01.The Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead - Instrumental - Friends Records
02.The Cash - Givin My Love - Instrumental - Cash Sounds
03.More Jive Rhythm Trax - 116 Bpm - Jive
04.Pee Wee - Be My Girl - Instrumental - StreetWise
05.Funk Deluxe - This Time - Dub - Salsoul
06.Millie Scott - Ev'ry Little Bit - Dub - Fourth & Brodway
07.World Premiere - Share The Night - BreakDown Mix - Easy Street
08.Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love - Instrumental - Profile
09.Ashford & Simpson - Street Corner - Capitol
10.Galaxy Feat. Phil Fearon - Wait Until Tonight (Drum Loop) - Island
11.Plunky & The Oneness Of Juju - Every Way But Loose - Instr.- Becket Rec
12.Inner Life - Moment Of My Life - Shep Pettibone Instr. Mix - Salsoul

Ilija Rudman Mix - The Severed Garden by ilijarudman