Friday, 27 February 2009

Mr Fingers - What About This Love?

A classic from the DJ's "DJ", Larry Heard. I love this tune, which was released in 1989, the rhythm has a late 80's/early 90's feel but the tune itself is timeless. For the real househeads...Get your headphones ready.

Mr Fingers - What About This Love? 1989

DJ Rasoul feat Star - Another Love

Not sure of it's original release date, but was featured on a vinyl sampler I have called "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning", a compilation put together by The Unabombers from 2002. Its got a thick hip hop style beat with a squelching bassline and smooth vocal. Keeping it real from San Francisco, DJ Rasoul is the man...Check out "Sound Deluxe" on Large for proof...

DJ Rasoul feat. Star - Another Love

Raphael Saadiq - Skyy, Can You Feel Me

From the album Instant Vintage. No need to describe much about this one, except slight change of pace compared to the other posts. And a top notch soul number.

Rapahel Saadiq - Skyy, Can You Feel Me

Thursday, 26 February 2009

First Choice - Love Thang (12" Mix)

A funk disco classic from 1979 from First Choice. This has had the remix treatment a couple of times I think, most notably from David Morales and has featured on a lot ofthe Salsoul Classics compilations. I particularly love throwing this on at just the right time. It's just a feel good disco funker which deserves your attention.

First Choice - Love Thang (12" Mix)

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Kraak and Smaak - Keep On Searching

One of our favourites from these Dutch fellas that I had to post on the blog. The emphasis on heavy bass is evident in this and it's a funky little groover which came out on their "Boogie Angst" album in Summer 2005...

Kraak and Smaak - Keep On Searching 2005

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Dam Funk - Galactic Fun

Released on the Burgundy City 12" in 2008, Galactic City is from L.A.'s finest boogie groove man, Dam Funk. Been following him since I heard his set on Benji B's Radio One Xtra show. His sets encompass a lot of 80's obscure disco and boogie and is definately reflected in his own productions, most of which are released on Stones Throw Records.

Dam Funk - Galactic Fun (2008)

Friday, 20 February 2009

Max Essa - Back To The Beach

Released early 2008 on BearFunk, the is a warm, mid tempo, space funker from Max Essa. If you've ever listened to any of his mixes online, you'll know he encompasses a fusion of baleric, psychadelic disco style grooves and is definatley a producer to keep track of......For your listening pleasure!!!

Max Essa - Back To The Beach

Thursday, 19 February 2009

DoubleDee feat. Dany - Found Love 12"

Going back to 1991 with this Italian house classic, Found Love. I've uploaded the full 12" version for your listening pleasure. I remember taking a liking to this when it came out and did'nt really know what house music was...I was 12. This track did pretty well in the U.S., hitting number one on their Billboard Dance chart...Enjoy!!!

DoubleDee - Found Love 12"

New Phunk Theory feat. Kerry Green - Always

In our opinion, a deep house vocal classic. Released in late 2000 and featured on one of the first Hed Kandi compilations "Deeper", this deep number features the soulful vocals of Kerry Green. This is the One In Four mix and is produced by Chris Scott and Shindig Newcastle resident Scott Bradford for Airtight Records.

I know that with our blog we are featuring old classic tracks as well as more recent stuff, but for being over 8 years old, this has'nt dated one bit...

And a special thanks to Kerry herself for being a star!!!

New Phunk Theory feat. Kerry Green - Always (One In Four Mix)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The System - You Are In My System (1983)

A real gem of a track this one is. It was once covered, pretty much straight after it was released by Robert Palmer, although this is the superior version. It's a deep electronic 80's funk groove which we were hammering quite a bit last year. Noticed it's turned up on a few mixes by Greg Wilson and Recloose also. If you like the track, find the video on YouTube...Its a winner.

Demarkus Lewis - Tell Me Why (2007)

This was released in Jan 2007 on Slip N' Slide. Its a nice soulful house number with a nice restrained vocal from John Griffin. We still give it the odd spin and it's worth a listen...

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Recloose - Perfect Timing (2008)

Had to include a couple of tracks of this, which we thought was one of the best albums of last year...No doubt at all that a lot of people following these types of blogs will be well aware of the skills of Matthew Chicoine and the great Recloose live band. Today I've decide to put a track from the album "Perfect Timing" up here, "Sanctuary". Plus the sublime "Deeper Waters" featuring Joe Dukie...

Recloose - The Sanctuary feat. Tyna

Recloose - Deeper Waters feat. Joe Dukie

Howard Johnson - Keepin Love New

One of my favourites of the 80's soul/disco genre. Albeit the lyrics a bit cheesy, its got a great laid back funk groove and a catchy chorus. This guy had another hit with "So Fine" from the same year, which you may have came across on a lot of eighties weekender compilations. This cut was featured on the limited "Funky Collector" vinyl series which was released around 2002...

Howard Johnson - Keepin Love New 1982

Monday, 16 February 2009

Todd Terje and Sade - Glittertind

A different version of Todd Terje's Glittertind with overdubbed Sade vocals. This is not a track we play really, but its just so elegant and deserves to be heard and I think the distant vocals sound great...Take a listen.

I've also included a link underneath to my YouTube profile where you'll find a video I made for this and other random videos with various degrees of cool tunes and utter stupidity...

Todd Terje and Sade (I Never Thought I'd See Glittertind)

Adrian's YouTube Video Page

BGB - At The Disco (Unreleased)

Don't know much on this one. Came across it late last year on a playlist, and it's credited to BGB, who've had a number of tracks out on Dessous Records. It's a nice deep, electrotechy number in the vain of SpiritCatcher's stuff.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Saturday Night Experience - Ron Trent Vocal

An oldie but goodie to start the Saturday with, Ron Trent's version of the Jody Whatley tunes....Sweet and deep...

Omar S - Set It Out

Just posting the video of this, as I don't have an mp3. I got a PC virus couple of months ago and lost a load of good stuff I downloaded an never got the chance to burn to disc. This tune is just beautiful from the man from detroit Omar S.

Alternatively, you can click on this from Midway. This where the vocal is lifted from and its a slice of 80's breakin boogaloo, very similar to D-Train's "Your The One For Me"

Midway - Set It Out

Najee - Personality

Had this on a Capitol Records sampler from about 1988 and this, I suppose, made me always have a tasty ear for smooth jazz numbers. Being slightly self indulgent with this but if you like your jazzy, housey instrumental tracks then you cant fail to like this. Just imagine your trapped in a lift and this is playing..You might as well sit on the floor and enjoy it...Goodnight.

Najee - Personality

Francois DuBois - I Try (AN 2 Remix)

Hope I've spelled his name right as I'm slightly pissed when uploading this post. A cheeky bitch of a tune with some sweet funk bass pelt. Another from Urbantorque, and Francois tracks, for me, have been sweet of late. Try it out for yourselves!!!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Jaffa - Elevator (MAW Mix)

Thought I'd upload this little nugget after all. This Masters of Work mix, which came out in 2000 on StereoDeluxe, is one of my favourites. Love the organ playing on this, it's really nice chilled house music so click on and take a listen, or download the link if you ain't got this already.

Vincenzo - Confusion

Going back some time now to upload a post from a Dessous compilation I've had for about 7 years. This is the first track by Vincenzo and the collection is mixed by the man himself. Its got some cracking tracks on which I still play, from the likes of Daniel Paul, Satin Souls and the sweet MAW remix of Jaffa's "Elevator", which I might get round to sticking up here sometime aswell...Enjoy!!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Veena Harlem - Break It Down

Been raiding a few of my downloads to post and gonna leave today with this one from Veena Harlem. A great deep, warm jazzy house track to heat your bones while this snow keeps falling.

Old Events Artwork

I'm gonna be posting a few bits and bobs of old flyers and poster from past parties and event nights that we've been involved with over the last six years or so. Big ups to Karl Stobbs and Gareth Davies for the forthcoming handywork.

Scope - Strung Out (2009 Mixes)

This is Jay Leblones Groove Mix of Scope's Strung Out recently released on Urbantorque. The EP also features a remix by Shindig resident Mark Lowry which is well worth checking, so go to the website, the link is below:

Scope - Strung Out (Jay Leblones Groove Mix)

Shakatak - Sea Dreaming

As I'm posting stuff mainly late at night, I'm leaving today on another late night smooth jazz vibe with Shakatak. These were one of the best jazz funk bands to come out of the UK. Although I prefer their early 80's albums like "Night Birds" and "Driving Hard", this is a nice mellow instrumental...

Shakatak - Sea Dreaming

Atlantic Conveyor - We Are

This is a belter of a track. Rolling funk bass over a snappy beat which I'm sure is sampled fron an early 80's boogie track. Atlantic Conveyor have been putting out some great tunes and came across them early last year when I was sent a mix of theirs, blending a lot of deep cosmic disco funk.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Q-Tip - ManWomanBoogie

From Q-Tip's "The Renaissance" album, this is a short track, with a great live bass and snappin percussion...Played it last couple of weeks and gets the heads noddin'
Take a listen...

Q-Tip - ManWomanBoogie

Lovebirds - Its All Yours

Released on Winding Road Records in 2008. Lovebirds is Sebastian 'Basti' Doering who had a number of remixes out under the name Knee Deep. He continued under the Lovebirds name releasing some belter deep house tunes and remixing the likes of Schmoov! and Vincenzo (Dessous)...Have a check on this number!!!

From the Louder EP - Lovebirds - It's All Yours

Still Going - Still Going Theme DFA

This has been featured on a few mixes we've heard from the like of Todd Terje and James Murphy and Pat Mahoneys Fabric CD. Came out late 2007 and is always a nice early starter tune for us.....deep, chuggy disco balls......Take a listen.

Still Going Theme

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Change - Hard Times

Change had some great singles especially around the early 80's. This is a tougher, funkier number which I think has just been re-touched by The Revenge. This version has been working its way into my playlist recently....Take a listen its a peach!!!

Change - Hard Times (Its Gonna Be Alright

For Lovers Of Night Time

To some it may sound odd, but I (Adrian) was a great lover of night time tv. Especially late 80's/early 90's when programmes were better (Prisoner Cell Block H) and liked it more when they would have advert fillers with instrumental tracks with an ident like the one above...
Here's a little tribute to that with a fitting smooth jazz tune

Ronny Jordan - Afterhours

Gazzara - Spirit Of Summer (Dave Warrin Mix) 2002

Nice deep number with Dave Warrin (Esho Records) on the remix.
Listen or Download here:

Playing Grooves on Horse Sat 7th Feb

Taken at Pure...About the time things got messy

Lost In Music (The Revenge Re-Work)

A re-edit thats been around a little while now. A nice slow burning groove utilizing Nile Rodgers funky riff from his Sister Sledge classic "Lost In Music". Still getting played regularly at our Touch nights.
Check the link to listen or download:

Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (Re Edit)

A funky sweet re-edit of Jump To It...This has been getting some serious pounding at our Touch night at Pure in Sunderland lately and never fails to get the feet moving. The edit is by Prince Klassen and he has a number of them to browse at

Im pretty sure the bassline was sampled in some handbag housey tubthumper a few years ago but here's this version to check out:

Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (Re Edit)

Michael Jackson - PYT Demo (U-Turn Edit)

An alternate version of the track from the Thriller album and in some respects its better. Although this has had the re-edit treatment, its only slight tweaked with....enjoy!!!

After 7-Cant Stop (One World 12" Mix)

A nice old smooth groover from early 90's which was a particular favourite. After 7 were the siblings of RnB crooner Babyface, and this just has a nice warm flow...

The download link is below:

After 7-Cant Stop



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