Saturday, 30 May 2009

Casinoboy - Timerider (Jisco)

More from this great label, this track coming from Casinoboy's "Jobsagoodun" 12". Im pretty sure that this is an alias of Toby Tobias, although could be wrong. I've included this track from the 3 track vinyl as it was the stand out one for me. Its a lush, spacey, 80's groove style edit with some thick snappy beats. Well worth checking...

Casinoboy - Timerider (Jisco)

Love Club - Hot Summer Nights "Instrumental"

Catch some electroboogie goodness courtesy of West End Records. People who know will be aware of this track, here Ive posted the instrumental for DJ's who'll be playing tunes on these Hot Summer Nights...

Love Club - Hot Summer Nights Inst. (West End)

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free

Gettin deep down and dirty with some funky beats from Eddie C. Taken from the "Your Welcome" 12" released in March on Jisco Music, which has been turning out some great cuts. Check out the other tracks on the vinyl too, couple of sweet disco bombs on there worth your ears attention.

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free (Jisco)

GuestMix: Stu Ashton - Deep Beats & Disco Treats

The first of hopefully many guest mixes from local talent here up North. This one coming from Stu Ashton. He's been changing records at various venues throughout the North East for some years now and has recently appeared at Solid Groove's Launch Party, spinning tunes alongside guest Phil Asher (Restless Soul). This mix features some corker tunes, just check the tracklist.

Stu Ashton - Deep Beats and Disco Treats

1. try to find me vol. 1- make dance (golf channel 12")
2. arturo capone- waves (max essa remix) (cdr)
3. casinoboy- timerider (jisco 12")
4. disco deviance- pushin'on (situation edit) (disco deviance 12")
5. eddie c- your welcome (jisco 12")
6. floating points- love me like this (nonsense dub) (R2 records 12")
7. eddie c- make it better (jisco 12")
8. reel to reel- love me like this (orig.)
9. disco deviance- do it (disco deviance 12")
10. melba moore- you stepped into me life
11. casinoboy- serious (jisco 12")
12. tele music- baby's band (leo zero edit) (cdr)
13. ?- I don't want to be a freak (dj butchers instru. cut) (chopshop 12")

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Tortured Soul - In Motion

A nice laid back instrumental number from Tortured Soul's recently released "Did You Miss Me" album. Short and sweet beats bringing your ears a treat...

Tortured Soul - In Motion (Dome Records)

World Premiere - Share The Night "Breakdown Mix"

Classic 1983 boogie from Easy Street Records. Im pretty sure that this was the only track World Premiere released, but this mix dispenses of the lead vocal and is far superior. Was a main staple in a lot of Metro Area's sets and also featured on their Fabric mix CD...

*Link courtesy of Funxors Blogspot

World Premiere - Share The Night "Breakdown Mix" (Easy Street)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

TouchSoul - Unmixed and Unreal

Taken from one of many new compilation CD's we will be handing out at future events. This is from the first one we will be giving away this Bank Holiday Sunday at BarPure in Sunderland, ahead of launching our new monthly night. The discs will feature all varied tempo's of choice...Here's one featured on this tracklist.

Recloose - Deeper Waters

Friday, 15 May 2009

Chic - Sao Paulo

This number from Chic is not a disco track. And it is not a funk track. But a genuine piece of instrumental music which may or may not lift your spirits when you here it...but the Bernard Edwards bass should. My vinyl copy of this is slightly crackly and worn at this point...Enjoy this though...

Chic - Sao Paulo 1977

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mark E - R&B Drunkie

An edit from late 2007 which Gary and myself used to hammer at Pure on Saturday nights, from Mark E, here using elements from Janet Jackson's same titled track. After this done the rounds it was quite hard to track down on vinyl and a thick and tasty edit it is too. Also looking forward to catching this guy @ Last Waltz (Newcastle) on August Bank Holiday Sunday...

Mark E - R&B Drunkie (Golf Channel)

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Beef Wellington - Dedication

Going back to 2003 with this funky little cut from Beef Wellington. This has featured on a few compilations, including the one I have it on which is The Unabombers "Electric Soul 2". Still fresh as out with a bass lick thats out of this world people...

Beef Wellington - Dedication (8th Dimension Records)

The Revenge - Cobra Woman

Another track from The Revenge from 2008. I've been posting quite a bit of this guys stuff on the blog, so until anything new surfaces this will be the last for now.
This is a slow deep, slow chugger using elements from Whitesnake's "Is This Love?"

The Revenge - Cobra Woman

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Last Waltz @ Madame Koo's with The Revenge

Keeping it local, Newcastle style...Most DJ's and music lovers in the know will be aware that this Scottish fella's fingers have been printed over some of the best pitched down house groovers and re-edits sufacing over the past year or two on the likes of Jisco Music, L.E.S.S. and Ooft. Fiddling with the likes of George Benson, Hot Chocolate...and even Whitesnake.

June 7th sees him take to the decks with DJ's Pauly Barton and Wella at the newly opened Madame Koo's, Collingwood St, Newcastle.

Also every Sunday onwards with Last Waltz DJ's Geoff Leopard and El Dee

This'll make Sunday's worth staying out for...Pull ya sickies on Monday.

"The Revenge - Get Up On It"

Starshine - All I Need Is You

Some early 80's boogie groove from 1983. Had this some years back on Funky Collector record and came across it again on a Dam Funk mix. It's one of them tracks where the vocal does'nt spoil the groove...Check it out...

Starshine - All I Need Is You (Prelude) 1983

Playmaker - Supersoul

A sun drenched, slightly deep houser, which was released on Subliminal Records back in 2004. Lovely warm strings and rumbling bass...Still like playing this out when the mood is right. Great Production.

Playmaker - Supersoul (Subliminal)

Ilija Rudman - Two Faced Love (Extended)

*100th Post People!!!* Recently released on Red Music from the funkiest geezer to come out of Croatia that I'm aware of, Ilija Rudman. His back catalogue is a list of synth saturated, electric boogie soul beats and here he keeps them coming with, what I think, sounds like a homage to Nile Rodgers (Chic) with a great funk guitar, choppy piano chords and live sounding feel.

Ilija Rudman - Two Faced Love (Red Music)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Womack & Womack - MPB (Missing Persons Bureau)

An old favourite from a great album from Womack and Womack which also had their hit, Teardrops on it. Great little piece of acoustic soul with a lovely melody which was also featured on Todd Terje's Betalounge mix some months ago. Been listening to that so thought I'd include the track up here, although it maybe out of tempo from most of the recent posts, it's definatley worth a check.

Womack & Womack - MPB (Missing Persons Bureau)

Unai - I Like Your Style (Original Mix)

Going back a few years with this release from Swedish producer, Unai. Lovely piece of deep, dubby disco with a faint echoed vocal flowing through. Had a re-issue in 2005 with some remixes added from John Dahlback and Martinez, but here is the original mix which is still the best version in my opinion...

Unai - I Like Your Style (Disco Inc.)

Kano - Can't Hold Back (LMR Edit)

Solid re-edit of an early 80's boogie track from Kano, here given the edit treatment from Loud Minority Radio. This cut shortens a lot of the vocal and widens the space on the groove which is all good. Sounding like a cross between a Chic groove fused with Change. Was featured over at Disco Delicious and had to post up on here...

Kano - Can't Hold Back (LMR Re Edit)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Mark Knight - Shogun (Average House Band Mix)

Some funky, downtempo cool with this remixed groove from Average House Band. Got a great, laid back, spoken word vocal which is great for early doors playing...

Check it out!!!
(I will be uploading from DivShare again as of next week)

Mark Knight - Shogun (Average House Band Mix) Toolroom Music

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hot Toddy Mix 2008

Last night saw Crazy P play a live DJ set at Shindig, Newcastle which I was unfortunate enough to miss...But Gary was there and it apparently blew his mind, which he had the foresight of letting me know at about half 2 in the morning when I was sleeping softly. Nonetheless, this is inspiring this post here which is a mix which Chris Todd did late last year and was featured at the Love Unlimited blog. Its a great selection of disco, boogie, deephouse and hip eclectic blend really worth a listen.

The Snax remix is still available to download further below here....It's a corker.


Serve it up / Clyde feat: Capitol A
Do It / Raw Silk (Hot Toddy remix)
Township Funk / Mujava (Crazy P remix)
Start Something / Morten Sorensen
Would You Like To Disco? (dub) / Hess is More
Stop, Space, Return/ Crazy P
Problems D’amour (dub) / Alexandra Robotniks
Trouble/ Snax (Crazy P mix)
Lets Work / Prince (dark Dance remix)
Dusk Till Dawn sampler / Crazy P’s Disco Odyssey mix
All Night / Hot Toddy
Inside Out /Kink and Neville Watson
The Book / Salt City Orchestra
Solid Ground / Eddie meets Yannah (Crazy P mix)