Thursday, 28 May 2009

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free

Gettin deep down and dirty with some funky beats from Eddie C. Taken from the "Your Welcome" 12" released in March on Jisco Music, which has been turning out some great cuts. Check out the other tracks on the vinyl too, couple of sweet disco bombs on there worth your ears attention.

Eddie C - Let Your Mind Be Free (Jisco)


  1. Amazing! Is the other tracks available please?..thanks:)

  2. ...This is the only one I've ripped...

    Dont include them all incase I have to take them down...sorry

    Try Juno...they have the whole 12" for download

  3. Couldn't seem to find the 12" available for download, am I being daft?!

  4. Pretty sure it was on there....

    If ya google it should come up pronto I would've thought