Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hot Toddy Mix 2008

Last night saw Crazy P play a live DJ set at Shindig, Newcastle which I was unfortunate enough to miss...But Gary was there and it apparently blew his mind, which he had the foresight of letting me know at about half 2 in the morning when I was sleeping softly. Nonetheless, this is inspiring this post here which is a mix which Chris Todd did late last year and was featured at the Love Unlimited blog. Its a great selection of disco, boogie, deephouse and hip eclectic blend really worth a listen.

The Snax remix is still available to download further below here....It's a corker.


Serve it up / Clyde feat: Capitol A
Do It / Raw Silk (Hot Toddy remix)
Township Funk / Mujava (Crazy P remix)
Start Something / Morten Sorensen
Would You Like To Disco? (dub) / Hess is More
Stop, Space, Return/ Crazy P
Problems D’amour (dub) / Alexandra Robotniks
Trouble/ Snax (Crazy P mix)
Lets Work / Prince (dark Dance remix)
Dusk Till Dawn sampler / Crazy P’s Disco Odyssey mix
All Night / Hot Toddy
Inside Out /Kink and Neville Watson
The Book / Salt City Orchestra
Solid Ground / Eddie meets Yannah (Crazy P mix)

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