Monday, 20 April 2009

Barbara Mason - I Still Think About You - Re Edit by Splice

Dont't know a lot on this one, other than it's an obvious re-edit of some 80's soul/boogie track of which as yet I'm not sure of the vocalist, although she sounds very familiar. The track has been done by a guy named Splice and it's a naughty little number worth giving some ear attention.

*Thanks to Jonathan Piper for the heads up on the title...

I Still Think About You - Re Edit by Splice


  1. Barbara Mason - Dont' I ever Cross Your Mind on West End. Now out on a DJ Spinna compilation called DJ Spinna presents : The West End New York City Classics Mix". Great track

  2. Cheers for that Jonathan, I knew I'd heard the track before but coulnd'nt place it..nice one

  3. No worries. Thanks for putting up the re-edit - I didn't know the track before...