Friday, 24 April 2009

First Touch - High Steppin' Records

What can I say about these tracks. Every so often there is a track that hits you like brick in the face, and on this album there's 10 bricks. Amazing quality 80's synth drenched boogie beats that deserve your attention at once. You can download the album at the link below...Here's 2 from me.

First Touch - Pleasure For Your Treasure

First Touch - Its Yours


  1. Had been wondering what the Lovebirds sample was! Nice one. Another great post, sounding really fresh and now. This sort of sound is working really well early doors at my venues.

  2. Good to hear mate...Check out the original by Starpoint here

  3. Thanks Adrian. Think I prefer the First Touch version, the Starpoint version is very 'Soul Train' - for those of us who are old enough to remember it being on TV!

  4. Oh yeah...agree with ya there...