Monday, 23 May 2011

Rocco Raimundo - Ridin' With Rocco

We have, in the very near future, some exclusive mixes to host from some outstanding talent to look forward to, including one from this guy. He's been creating some brilliant edits/reworks and here is a taster mix from back in March. Keep your eyes peeled...

1. LTJ - Light
2. Nicholas - Love Is
3. It's A Small World Disco - You Know My Way
4. Cole Medina - What Is Going On
5. Stupid Human - Ahh You're Welcome
6. The Temptations - Treat Her Like A Lady (LeSale Edit)
7. Toomy Disco - Blues City
8. Beatconductor - I Can't Go For That
9. LSB Edits - Espo
10. Trujillo - Looking Up Through You (Original Mix)
11. Soul Clap - Love Light (Original Mix)
12. Maxxi Soundsystem - Criticize
13. Eddie C - Do It Yourself
14. DJ Mode - This Music Part 2 (Feat Barbara Tucker)
15. Inner Life - Ain't No Mountain (Leftside Wobble Late Night Dub)

Rocco Raimundo - Ridin' With Rocco Vol. 1 by Rocco Raimundo

Available for download over at Soundcloud.

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