Wednesday, 7 April 2010

BPS - Korova Prays For The Sunshine Mix

It gets deep down and disco funked in Dundee!! Lovely mix of tunes here from Korova Conspiracy with much emphasis on the groove...Check this and the rest on Soundcloud at the below mix link.

BPS-Korova prays for the Sunshine mix by The Korova Conspiracy

1.Gaz Nevada-Special Agent Man-Nassau Slow Dub
2.Bangles-Walk Like an Egyptian-Todd Terje Edit
3.Talk Talk-Lifes What you make it-Nick Davies No FX mix
4.Russ Brown-Find a way-Leftside Wobble edit
5.Greg Wilson-Gotta Keep Working it
6.BlackLodge-Lay it on the line
7.C.K.B.-Teach Me try Me-The Noodleman Rework
8.Alexander O'Neal-Fake-Butterfunk's 2010 edit
10.Jamiroqui-Little L-edit
11.Social Disco Club and Maia-The Way-GW edit
12.Chic-Burn Hard-Touchsoul's REfunked edit
13.Dirty Metal Choir-For Long
14.Michael Jackson-Thriller-OOFT re-edit
15.James Brown-Superbad-Sly Players Edit
16.Barbara Mason-Another Man-Baresi's dub edit
17.Ella Fitzgerald-Sunshine of your love.

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  1. whos that little L edit by like to get - Pablo Contraband