Thursday, 24 September 2009


A slight rebranding to the blog logo which I've been wanting to do for some time now, although I'm not doing much by way of design as I just dont have the skills. Gone for just simple text and what's been done to death, but still looks okay if done right, used a relevant image. In this case, Stevie, although i'll probs change it from time to time, for event posters/flyers etc...

Mass Production - Style (1983)


  1. Hi there Adrian, interesting one this as I'm a designer - specialising in typography. Your original logowas great, got changed with the strapline underneath and seemed to lose something. The original was the best in my mind, was really lovely. Not sure about this though - it's a fairly 'boring' sans with not much character, in my mind. Sorry! Handwritten over a straight face is always going to win in my book...

  2. Cheers for the feedback...i know its a bit basic...just wanted something a bit cleaner/crisper..Not a designer by no means...just pieced it together

  3. No worries Adrian - always good to have a go; At the end of the day it's better to go with something you like as opposed to worrying about whether your characters should be slightly flaired and whether flat or angled feet or terminals are the way to go! The masthead looks a bit over compressed / optimised- so that the characters almost look like that they have a slight internal gradient in them. Might be just my Mac but it might be worthwhile looking at some different optimisations? Cheers, Jonathan